Cargo transportation services may be required both by an ordinary person in the course of solving everyday problems, and by representatives of small and large businesses – to deliver goods to the right place. Such services are provided by various companies and individuals, but not all of them are competent specialists in this field.

For a high-quality and mutually beneficial service, it is necessary to take into account many factors and possess certain skills and knowledge.

Such a set of measures is called transport logistics and covers all the conditions and nuances of the order. It is aimed at organizing the transportation of goods under optimal conditions – the right transport, the right route and justified costs for any distance.

High productivity at low cost

Saving money is great, as long as it doesn’t hurt the quality of the service. For example, when paying for the transportation of valuable cargo, you want to be sure that it will reach its destination in integrity, without even minor damage. And this suggests that you should choose a performing company wisely, not chasing only a low price. High-quality, competent work cannot cost as much as the services of amateurs.

Since transport logistics is a fairly wide range of knowledge, it includes many factors:

Evaluation of the initial and final points of transportation, on which both the mode of transport and the route of movement may depend;
Assessment of the specifics of the cargo – the mass, dimensions and even the chemical composition of the cargo determine the ways of working with it and identify the features of movement;
Selection of the optimal type and type of transport – taking into account the urgency, speed and cost;
Calculation of the optimal route of movement – usually several acceptable options for movement are considered, the main and alternative ones. And already based on the actual situation on the road, in order to avoid unnecessary risks or delays on the way, preference is given to one of them so that the cargo arrives at the place of waiting in safety and at the agreed time;
Billing is also an important factor, because no one wants to overpay, but no one wants to work at a loss either. This means that on mutually beneficial terms, an optimal cost of work that suits everyone should be agreed upon. Basically, it can be piecework, mileage or conversion of ton-hours, as well as other contractual conditions;
Cargo movement control – modern technologies allow tracking the movement of vehicles with high accuracy, which facilitates the work of logisticians and brings a significant amount of peace of mind to the customer.