To begin with, we need to understand who the Forwarder is. Forwarder is a legal entity that, at the expense of the consignor, for a certain fee, carries out on its own behalf the transportation of certain goods and related operations. Specific work is not subject to everyone

Despite the fact that the job board for this position is not full of specific requests and educational requirements, not every man can cope with such work.

Such people perform certain actions to serve customers in only one of the directions (for example, export or import). Freight forwarders work separately or unite in groups, depending on the aspect of the activity, etc. The carrier provides a complete chain of cargo delivery – from the very beginning of the journey to the end point.

If we take into account “domestic” transportation, then it is quite enough for workers there to have a secondary or incomplete higher education. International freight forwarders, on the other hand, cannot do without pure intelligence and diplomacy.

The role of cargo transportation in the current time is so great that the country considers its formation a high priority. First of all, the timely delivery of components to various enterprises, as well as the export of finished products from their warehouses, directly depends on transportation.

The profession of a freight forwarder combines three professions: a linguist, a lawyer and an economist. The freight market is not standing still. Newly minted players and modern technology are constantly appearing here. The course of cargo transportation is continuously modernized through the introduction of new logistics technologies.

So, summing up, we can say that this profession, in spite of all disagreements, is subject only to professionals in their field. The modern world in which we live cannot function normally without well-established transportation by modern transport, whether it be long-distance cargo transportation or a simple office move.