If you decide to handle the transportation of the motorcycle yourself, using a car, then here are the most common methods.

Transportation with a trailer

To implement the plan, you will need directly a passenger car, a trailer and documents for it. A written agreement will also be required in case the owner of the motorcycle does not accompany him during the movement.

A two-wheeled friend is attached to the trailer with slings and planks. If it is necessary to transfer two motorcycles, then they are installed with a “jack”.

Transportation directly in the car

In this situation, the moment of the capacity of the car and the overall dimensions of the vehicle being transported will be significant. In good layouts, the motorcycle fits completely inside. At the same time, as practice shows, in most cases the picture is completely different: the motorcycle has to be disassembled into separate components, the frame, wheels and other large parts are removed from it, and only after that they try to place all this in the cabin. Dismantling and subsequent assembly take a lot of time and there is absolutely no guarantee that all the elements will fit inside the car. Before choosing this method of transportation, make sure that the chosen machine has sufficient volume.

Using a towbar

A very interesting way, although not quite traditional. We note right away that the rules contain a strict ban on towing motorcycles on a towbar, but since such situations are not rare in practice, we will focus on this.

It is simply impossible to carry out such transportation without special skills, since it is necessary to perform certain manipulations with one and the other equipment, namely: a pipe is welded onto the exhaust pipe of the car, to which the fork of the front wheel of the motorcycle will be attached. For insurance, the entire structure is fixed with slings, and the driver must not exceed 90 km / h when driving.