Popular wisdom says that moving is like a fire. And indeed. Sometimes just the thought of an upcoming event throws you into incredible heat. Most of us who have dealt with the organization of an office relocation or have always changed apartments wanted to resolve the issue as quickly as possible and with minimal financial costs.

And if the last point depends on so many factors, then we can give some practical advice regarding the speed of organizing transportation.

What for what: everything on the shelves

Sometimes it turns out that the direct process of collecting things takes many times longer than the moment of transportation. It is very important to approach any business with a mind, and moving is no exception. In order not to waste your nerves and precious time, follow the simple rules:

1) Prepare the packing container in advance. It can be boxes, bags, tight packages and so on. It all depends on the number of things being transported, their fragility, size, etc. If there is a problem with the packaging, be sure to inform the mover in advance: specialists will arrive prepared, which will shorten the time for collecting things.
2) Count exactly how many boxes/bags you need and buy twice as many!
3) If you plan to move to a new office, then make a plan for the location of objects in a new place. This will avoid chaos when unpacking the boxes.
4) By submitting an application for transportation in advance, you will have more time to discuss all the details with the mover: choose a car by volume (so as not to overpay), choose a route, and so on.
5) Properly carry out the packaging. Think in advance about how comfortable and safe things will be transported after that. So, for example, you should not use too large boxes: when loaded, they will be very heavy, it will be inconvenient to carry them, and at any moment they can simply fall out of your hands.
6) We recommend writing a list for each of the boxes. This will greatly simplify the moment of finding the right thing after moving. It would seem that I know everything about labeling, but when it comes to packaging and moving, the brain seems to turn off. Do your future self a favor and check absolutely every box. Otherwise, in a few days, each package will be like a Pandora’s box for you.