How to make an office move hassle-free?

The work of a transport company and can hardly be called easy. Due to its specificity, the organization and implementation of relocations without problems requires from specialists not only knowledge and experience, but also patience, tact and endurance in relations with clients. Unfortunately, sometimes the process is complicated by the customers themselves, unknowingly or intentionally, making serious mistakes. As a result, the quality of the service suffers, and the time for its implementation is delayed indefinitely. To avoid unpleasant misunderstandings, those who are planning to “migrate” to a new place of residence or work should familiarize themselves with the following information.

If you want to get, after moving, whole furniture, and not covered with scratches, dilapidated structures, if you want to keep your favorite sofa or mirror, if you want to move without problems – forget about the desire to save on packaging. This rule should be inscribed in golden letters in every service agreement. Believing that the car with the property will move along a perfectly flat track, the owners decide to abandon the use of packaging materials in order, firstly, not to waste time wrapping and unpacking interior items, and, secondly, save on the purchase of packaging. The result is obvious – new high-quality furniture becomes unusable, stained, deteriorates and needs to be repaired. You can be sure that its cost will be many times higher than the high-quality packaging that you considered superfluous.

In general, the desire to save money on moving is a serious problem that can cause even higher costs than those that the customer of the service refused. So, for example, involving friends and acquaintances in carrying and loading furniture, and not professional movers, you should not be surprised at a broken washing machine or a collapsed sofa that accidentally overturned in the car. Without work experience, your acquaintances, of course, will not demand money from you for their help, but they will not be able to guarantee its quality, while being offended by free workers for damaged things will not be very convenient and decent.

Another important problem that turns moving into a headache is the involvement of transport services, to put it mildly, not quite suitable for transporting furniture. The result is easy to predict – it’s good if everything is limited to a box with dishes falling or damage to the upholstery of the sofa with a sharp corner of the cabinet that is not properly fixed in the back of the car. It is much worse if the machine becomes unusable due to overload. Think about it: is the imaginary savings worth such serious problems?